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Note: Indiana residents are charged sales tax at checkout!
NOTE: ALL Kawasaki systems are Unlimited, there is no restriction on the number of vehicles you can connect to.
Unlimited Kawasaki System
Price $349.00
CanDoo Complete System candoo
First Year Maintenance Included
Includes CANDooPro Diagnotic Box, Kawasaki Diagnostic Cables, and USB Cable. Software comes By Download
Add Unlimited Kawasaki to any CANDooPro SeaDoo System $249.00
Add Unlimited Kawasaki to any CANDooPro SeaDoo System
Special Note: Any customer that has our first release CANDooPro system with the aluminum DESS post will need a to exchange your hardware for the latest version. Please contact us about the cost of the exchange.
Plastic Case candoo
Home - Limited and Kawasaki
Serial Number
Shop - Unlimited
Serial Number
1 Year Additional System Maintenance